How can I get the most out of my Smart Wired Home

“How can I get the most out of my Smart Wired Home” or “What can I do with my Smart Wired Home” are commonly asked questions by people who have just built a home with smart wiring or by those have recently purchased a home that is already smart wired.

What is a smart wired home?

A smart wired home is a fully connected home with a ‘fibre network’ compatible cabling infrastructure that enables you to access and control a host of electronic capabilities.

Why is smart wiring becoming so popular in homes?

New homes are being connected to what’s known as a ‘fibre network’. Fibre technology such as the ‘National Broadband Network’ is the new standard communications network that is being rolled out across Australia, replacing the old copper wire phone network.

The new ‘National Broadband Network’ will use high-speed internet which will enable you to easily access a whole new world of internet and services – some of which haven’t even been thought of yet.

What other benefits does a smart wired home offer?

You can access the Internet from anywhere in your home: A home with smart wiring allows everyone to access broadband – no more fighting over one computer with a high-speed connection. Additionally, you can enable anything from your TV set to your laptops to tap in and make use of that connectivity.

You can remotely control your home: By connecting to other networks, such as the Internet, you can suddenly do amazing things from almost any interconnected spot. Want to turn on the kitchen lights, the heating, or open the blinds? All of this can be accessed through your remote control. You may also want to check on your home security while you’re away and can do so by accessing your home’s controller from your cell phone or laptop. The only limitation is the degree of ability to control the device itself. For example, your TV’s capability.

You can save money: Your family members can connect to the Internet on separate computers while sharing one line and one account. When you’re on vacation you can reduce automatic settings and save on cooling, heating and electricity costs. If you decide to change the way you use rooms, then you already have the flexibility to change your network needs to suit, without the additional costs. You can enjoy flexibility within your home, as you are not tied to working in one place. You can move from room to room and still have the same access to the internet, your centralised email, calendar and contacts.

How to assess your home’s capability?

You may not have been fully informed on the capabilities of your smart wired home and what it can do for you. Alternatively, the capabilities may have been explained at a time when there has been so many other things going on around you, to consider, like moving house.

For a straight fee of $195 + GST, a consultant from Smartwire4Homes will come and assess your home’s setup and spend time educating you on its capabilities and possibilities.

Contact us now on 08 9467 9626 or 0450 425 245 to set up a convenient time.

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