Take your entertainment system to the next level

Everyone loves a wall-mounted TV but why stop there?

Your TV may look amazing up there on the wall but do you still have all your devices below – along with the heap of messy spaghetti cabling pushed up behind your entertainment unit?

Hide your unsightly cabling

Have you considered how neat it would look if you removed all these devices along with their cabling and maybe even the entertainment unit itself?

That would make your entertainment area so much neater and cleaner, giving it a more modern look.

Relocate your devices

These days all of your devices can be installed in a storage cupboard anywhere in the home while still having the ability to control these devices from your entertainment room, as if they were right there.

Imagine if your TV was all that was on the wall, yet you could still watch a DVD, Foxtel or your Media Player.

Amazing sound…minimal appearance

Let’s not stop there. There is still another level, and that’s the sound system. Amazing surround sound systems don’t need to have big and bulky tower speakers and amplifiers.

If you’re going for that modern look you need something that’s near invisible and still punches out a real kick, such as a sound bar with a wireless subwoofer and in-ceiling rear speakers.

Room to impress

Now thats an entertainment room that will impress….an amazing TV on the wall, and a great sound system that delivers amazing sound and gives you a clean and organised clutter free area ready to entertain.

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