UniFi – fast, reliable, WiFi coverage



Get connected with UniFi

In today’s world everybody needs to be connected to the Internet. And, reliable WiFi coverage and speed has become as just important to us in our homes as it is in our educational or work environments.

If your home is large or certain areas do not have adequate WiFi access, then it can be very frustrating for family members requiring continuous wireless internet access.

Improve your home WiFi access

Our solution is to deploy UniFi wireless access points throughout your home creating an enterprise level affordable wireless networking solution, which will enable every area of your home to be WiFi accessible with fast, reliable coverage.

Improve your corporate WiFi access

UniFi can also be installed into corporate environments requiring continuous wireless network coverage including hospitality, schools, universities, government, and social venues.

Most modern laptops, notebooks, PDAs and smartphones are compatible with Unifi.

Let us know what your WiFi issues are.

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